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The books about the trolls by Christoph Hardebusch have captured the minds and imagination of readers everywhere. Hundreds of thousands copies have been sold in Germany alone.

»The Trolls« was awarded the 2007 Deutscher Phantastik Preis for the best German-language debut novel.

The books have been translated into numerous other languages, including Italian, Russian, Czech and Dutch.

Cover The Trolls

»The Trolls«

You think that you know all of the beings of fantasy? You’ve battled the orcs, slunk through underground passages with the dwarves, destroyed demons with the elves. Yet deep in the darkness something else is lurking: beings who are the nightmare creatures of countless legends, whose name can only be whispered ...

This is a story about the strongest, most loathsome and most mysterious figures of fantasy. And it is one of the greatest adventures ever. The warlike folk of the dwarves, aided by diabolical powers, are plotting domination of the world. Since neither humans nor elves recognise the harbingers of this horror, it is up to the troll warrior Druan and his companions to resist this evil. While humans are going about their day-to-day lives, deep in the earth the trolls are fighting a hopeless battle. A group of them are sent to discover the source of the evil. Yet it is only when humans and trolls become allies can the fate of the world be changed.

The Trolls offers adventure fantasy pure – exciting and humorously told by a young, talented author.

Cover The Battle of the Trolls

»The Battle of the Trolls«

They are back again, and a good thing too, for there is a disaster brewing in the world of humans – a disaster that only trolls can avert!

The peace between Wlachaken and Masriden is shaky. When a group of gigantic Trolls indiscriminately attack and destroy some villages, the smouldering hostility between the people breaks out again. Only the young warrior, Sten, once the leader of the Trolls in the world of humans, recognises the real danger. This danger comes from deep down in the mountains. It is here that the majority of the Trolls have sworn allegiance to dark magic powers and gathered round a sinister she-Troll warrior whose only aim is the annihilation of all peoples, including her own. Sten sets out with the last of the Trolls that are not obsessed by this idea, including the powerful and unpredictable Pard to prevent the pending disaster.

Cover The Anger of the Trolls

»The Anger of the Trolls«

They are big, strong and ugly – trolls.

In The Trolls and The Battle of the Trolls, they spread fear and trepidation among dwarfs, magicians and elves, who join forces with the humans and enter a fateful battle; the enemy seems to have been conquered. But now he returns, more powerful and dangerous than ever before, and the successors of the heroes have to face the challenge of their lives. If together they don’t manage to find a weapon against the enemy, all peoples are in danger of being wiped out – above the earth and below ...

Cover The War of the Trolls

»The War of the Trolls«

Can you feel the earth quaking? The trolls are back again!

The time of peace in the land between the mountains is over. War is in the air, and then a mortally wounded dwarf appears in the southern highlands of Wlachkis – events that weigh on the land like a dark shadow. The real danger, however, is approaching from the darkness in the mountain: blood-thirsty beings that hunt trolls and bring new hostility between the tribes. For the enemy which has now been awakened threatens all life on the earth and under the ground. Will trolls and humans be able to unite in their last big battle?

Cover The Dark Horde

»The Dark Horde«

Epic, sinister and gripping ...

Forget everything you have always thought you knew about trolls! In his latest tremendous epic, Christoph Hardebusch has turned the clock back far into the past and told the sinister story of the rise and fall of the mighty trolls. At a time when darkness is still covering the face of the Earth and the human race is nothing but a distant rumour, a troll chieftain rises to undreamt-of power. His aim is to subjugate all other peoples. It is not long, however, before there is resistance and a war to destroy everything breaks out ...

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My heroes are trolls: big, not really nice, with bad manners and problematic eating habits. At first glance not really hero material, but I do like them.


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