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Cover Storm Worlds – Beyond Dragon Coast

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The new breath-taking fantasy epic by the best-selling author of the prize-winning Troll trilogy

ChristophHardebusch has managed to create a mythical world which, with its wealth of ideas, is comparable only with Tolkien's Middle–earth. This young bestselling author, with his magnificent epic fantasy saga set against a nautical backcloth, is leaving his mark on a new generation of fantasy literature.

Cover Sturmwelten

»Storm Worlds«

Book One of the »Storm Worlds« Trilogy

The beginning of a new trilogy by the shooting star of German fantasy.

A realm in the middle of the oceans, populated by gigantic turtles, fire-breathing dragons and shimmering water magicians. Stormy oceans, lashed by wind and waves, sailed by imperial armies, blood-thirsty pirates and mysterious conjurors. When a legendary colonial ship bearing magical freight appears as if from nowhere, Jaquento's hour has come Jaquento, once an outlawed refugee and now the captain of a proud buccaneer ship. It is also the beginning of a race against time.

Cover Sturmwelten - Unter Schwarzen Segeln

»Storm Worlds - Under Black Sails«

Book Two of the »Storm Worlds« Trilogy

This is the beginning of a journey into the unknown! While the black ship seems to be irretrievably lost, the skies above the Storm Worlds are darkening. Floods of inconceivable proportions are in the offing; in Corbane a storm breaks, threatening to blow everything away.

It is precisely at this dangerous time that the hour of buccaneer Jaquento comes again. Together with officer Roxane, he sets sail to avert a magic catastrophe ...

»Storm Worlds Under Black Sails« is the second novel of Christoph Hardebusch's saga – adventure fantasy of the new generation!

Cover Sturmwelten - Jenseits der Drachenküste

»Storm Worlds - Beyond Dragon Coast«

Book Three of the »Storm Worlds« Trilogy

The grand finale of the trilogy!

The black ship is sighted again - and the corsair Jaquento and officer Roxane have to band together! As a giant, magical storm engulfs the sea, a terrible battle is fought between majestic ships and fearsome dragons. The fate of the world hangs in balance ...

Foreign Rights

Cover L'impero del Mare

The Age of Sail always fascinated me, and the idea to combine it with one of my other passions - Fantasy - felt natural.


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